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Link:11 - Banco De Valencia misold BOLSOL fondo valencia [2] img
Link:11 - Banco De Valencia misold BOLSOL fondo valencia [2] img
2017 CAIXA BANK take over of the BANCO DE VALENCIA with BOLSOL Moraira this fondo valencia renta fija mixta - This bad bank deal was exclusive to the Bank of Valencia, advertised this was Spain's answer to equity release scheme in Spain. Stating a great deal, when advertised in 2007 in the Costa Blanca News, this infact turns out to be fixed 10 year trerm mortgage loan with 75% your property asset value being invested offshore, out of the euro, into Swiss Franc offshore Bond.

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CAIXEA BANK SPOTLIGHT on BANCO DE VALENCIA - BOLSOL fondo These Multi Currency Equity release bond schemes have proven to be a fast sham. The Spanish Courts are starting to view these products as deliberately deceitful and criminal claims are being accepted by Spanish judges, given the horrendous losses they have caused to mainly such high risk investment bonds, retired and (jobless) pensioners now facing losing their homes, when you trusted you local bank director...

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